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Relaxation Massage


Enjoy a combination of Swedish Massage techniques, Trigger Points, and Reflexology. By massaging the lymphatic areas,  this treatment will help flush the body and stimulate circulation. Applying medium to deep pressure to achieve complete relaxation of the body.

60 Minutes  $80

90 Minutes  $110


Combine with

Body Scrub / Add $50

Body Scrub Massage


This exfoliating massage helps to eliminate dead cells and impurities. Dead Sea Salt is combined with essential oils, cocoa butter, and cold-pressed organic coconut oil to create this wonderful treatment.
Perfect for dry skin, especially in the winter months.


30 Minute Treatment  $60

30-minute body scrub (No Massage Included)

60 Minute Treatment  $90

30-minute body scrub & 30-minute massage

90 Minute Treatment  $125

30-minute body scrub & 60-minute massage

120 Minute Treatment  $155

30-minute body scrub & 90-minute massage


You can combine this treatment with other massages!


Young man receiving back massage in spa

4 Hand Massage


Two masseurs choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressures.

When four hands massage your body, your mind reacts differently. You might find yourself trying to keep track of the two masseurs, but very quickly your brain realizes it's not sure who is doing what and gives up control.

This is a powerful treatment, just let yourself go into the relaxation!

60 Minutes  $150

We only offer 1 hour for this treatment

Combine with Body Scrub

Add $50

Ritual Candle Massage


With the uplifting aromas of candle oils, this massage is designed to help you rebalance your energy, body, and soul.
This relaxation massage is performed with the warm candle oils of Cocoa Butter, Shea butter, Sweet almond, Rosemary, and Pine essential oils. The candle's flame melts these splendid and selected oils which, through the massage, have nourishing, toning, and intensely hydrating effects on the skin.


60 Minutes  $100

90 Minutes  $125

Combine witBody Scrub

Add $50

Honey Mint Massage


This sweet and intense massage will leave you with irresistible skin. It will make your skin silky, even, and refreshed while balancing the distribution of melanin, which makes this treatment perfect before tanning.


60 Minutes  $100

90 Minutes  $125


Combine with Body Scrub

Add $50

Chocolate Therapy Massage


Unleash your inner serenity with this multi-sense and invigorating chocolate massage. Clinically proven as antioxidant-rich nourishment for the skin, this treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
This relaxing massage is done with a mixture of melted dark chocolate and cold-pressed organic coconut oil.

60 Minutes  $100

90 Minutes  $125


Combine with Body Scrub

Add $50

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