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Modern living places a variety of stresses on our bodies that can result in physical discomfort. We specialize in achieving natural and healthy relief from stress.
Having a spa treatment can truly help people rebalance, relax their bodies, let go of stress, and give them a chance to forget about the rest of the world.

We work from our home and we have two rooms dedicated just to spa treatments.

Please explore this site to learn more about our treatments, appointments, and rates. Text, or email us with any questions about any aspect of our services or to schedule an appointment.



Marcos was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1983. He studied Holistic Aesthetics and Healing Body Massage in Toronto and started his wellness journey in 2009. He is a very friendly, open-minded, and approachable guy. Being so easy to talk to, Marcos makes your spa/grooming experience very pleasant. His attention to detail and personable services are what sets him apart.

João was born in the Azores in 1989 and studied Massage Therapy in Lisbon,  Portugal. He has worked in the field since 2011 and is very passionate about relaxation and massages. His constant meditation practices help him be a very intuitive person. He uses that intuition and clear energy in his treatments to connect with the client's body creating a unique and individual experience.

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