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Rejuvenating Facial

Let's awaken your skin cells and rejuvenate your face with this very relaxing treatment.


You will get a deep pore cleansing with extractions of blackheads if needed, facial massage and a mask that suits your skin needs. A hand and foot massage are performed while the mask does its work on your skin.


One of the many reasons to get a facial:


Skin damage from your shave routine or the sun can't be fixed with the soap and water you might use every day.

Men tend to have coarse skin and large pores. In general, men have high testosterone levels, causing the production of a lot of oil. When not cleaned properly, the oil will clog the pores and can lead to blackheads (oil+dirt) which can lead to pimples.



- $80 -


Combine with Massage

$130 for 60 Minute Massage + Facial

$155 for 90 Minute Massage + Facial

We use the most amazing products by Helena Lane Skincare. With formulations that have only a few ingredients but ones that are richest in nutrients for our skin. Unrefined, unprocessed, natural and certified organic ingredients.
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